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June 1st, 2020
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Service Area Of ICT & Management


Organizational Development (Review Organizations, Organizational Adjustments with The Vision and Strategy of The Company, Adjusting Job Descriptions and Classification of Positions).

Recruitment Management(setting standards for qualifying new employees each Department or Division, Establist Internal and External Recruitment Plan).

Employee Development Management(Eemployee Development System, Mapping the potential and aspirations of Employees, Preparation of Individual Career Plan / ICP, Preparation of Individual Development Plan / IDP, Regeneration Plan).

Performance Management (Establist Performance Assessment System, Organization and Guidance IPP, IPP implementation, Implementation of Performance Assessment).

Remuneration Management (Promotion and Demotion System Formulation, Determination of The Bonus System, Determination of Benefits and Welfare System, The Determination of Non-Financial Reward Systems).

Life Cycle Development Software System.



Preparing Human Resources Reliable and Professional


Research and Data Processing, aims to provide training, Preparation and Processing Research Reports data quickly and accurately with the correct method.

Analysis and Design of Information Systems, aims to provide training Analysis & Design with the ability to generate a comprehensive Information Systems Design

WEB-based Application Development, aimed at providing training for creating Web-based applications and produce a comprehensive Web Applications

Finon Ttraining, aims to provide training in the Financial Statements of the Company, the result is the Company's Financial Statements produced by Free Financial Applications.

Technical Support for writing thesis ICT field, aims to provide Thesis Writing Technical Mentoring, Training Application Development for the thesis and the results obtained are equipped Thesis Draft Application in accordance with Topic of Thesis

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