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June 1st, 2020
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2009-09-29 Read: 2224
LED TV (Light-emitting diode television) is a term used by Samsung Electronics and other consumer electronics companies to describe its line of LCD (liquid crystal display) TVs that use LED...
2009-09-18 Read: 1439
It's tough getting kids to pose for pictures, much less smile in front of the lens. So I was itching to try the "smile shutter" function on the 8-megapixel Sony...
2009-09-18 Read: 1476
Sebuah perjalanan menyimpan sejuta kenangan. Dan foto menjadi "tempat" untuk mengabadikan kenangan tersebut. Itu sebabnya kamera selalu menjadi peranti yang tak boleh terlupakan bagi seorang traveler. Kini, memotret jauh lebih mudah...
2009-09-18 Read: 2220
1/2PK = 5000Btu = 500Watt 3/4PK = 7000Btu = 700Watt 1PK = 9000Btu = 900Watt 1,5PK = 18000Btu = 1800Watt 2PK = 24000Btu = 2400Watt Rumus : Panjang x Lebar = .........m2 x 500Btu = Jumlah...
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